Popsicle Furniture Kids Loft Beds and Bunk Beds

Popsicle furniture for kids will give the children a reason to enjoy their bedrooms. Solid nordic pine twin beds, midsleeper beds with curtains or slides. High sleeper loft beds for older kids offering study space and bunk beds for kids to share. Popsicle Furniture's flexible design allows for beds to grow with your children. From a basic twin bed you can add a sleeper kit for a loft bed or take 2 twin beds and create a bunk bed. Available in dark espresso stain, solid white paint, whitewash stain or a clear natural finish which highlights the natural beauty of the wood. Top coated with a clear water-based non-toxic lacquer which is comletely safe for children.

Manufactured in Denmark as Steens for Kids, a 40 year old company, is distributed in the U.S. as Popsicle Furniture. FSC Certified that all wood comes from a controlled forest/plantation. Every new tree removed is replaced by another while paying special attention to the local environment.

The U.S. distributor has discontinued the Popsicle Furniture collection.
Availablity is limited and inventory adjusts without notice. Please contact us before ordering.