Memory Foam & Organic Kids Mattresses

Memory Foam Kidz mattresses feature soft velour, waterproof covers. Support Edge Technology prevents sagging and extends the life of the mattress by providing edge support and stability. This visco-elastic memory foam material reacts to the weight and body temperature of the user and significantly minimizes pressure points by providing consistent, even support. Reduces tossing and turning aids in improving circulation and noticeably reducing pain and discomfort associated with causing disruptive sleep.

Naturepedic kids mattresses utilize 100% all natural and organic cotton padding and covers over a steel innerspring core. Cotton inherently breathes and provides air circulation while maintaining more even humidity and balanced temperatures.

Maxtrix mattresses feature a unique 5.5" thickness making it a great choice for beds with safety rails. Organic cotton covers have been treated with Nano-Tex which offers exceptional spill and stain resistance. Available in all urethane foam, innerspring, memory foam and latex so you can choose just the right model for your child.

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