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Welcome to Beds Bunks & Lofts featuring fun space saving bunk beds with stairs and loft beds with stairs from leading children's furniture brands. Princess beds and castle theme loft beds with slides for girls or completely modular kids beds that convert from youth beds to loft beds to bunk beds and back to a teen bed with ease. Parents have been organizing their kid's bedrooms with our storage beds for over 20 years. Our bedroom furniture has been tried and tested by our own kids so we're knowledgeable and capable of answering your questions completely. Free shipping on everything within the Continental U.S. Have questions? We'd love to speak with you so don't hesitate to call us toll free at 1-877-563-8233.
Kids Beds Options to Consider
When your child is ready to move from their toddler bed, to a regular, twin size bed, there are a number of options to consider. Today's manufacturers create all sorts of beds from bunk beds with stairs, to beds that look like castles and pirate ships, to simpl…Read More
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Benefits Offered by Storage Beds
If you have a tendency to move frequently, storage beds may seem like a horrible idea. However, there are a few good reasons to choose this option for your bedroom, especially if you are planning to remain in the same location for a while. Some of the top reaso…Read More
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Creating a Fun Bedroom Space for Your Child
Getting little kids to sleep in their room is often one of the biggest trials of parenting small kids. The number of hours parents spend pleading with their kids to just sleep in their own bed are uncountable. One way to help your little ones become more excite…Read More
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Choosing the Right Mattress for your Child's Room
Choosing a mattress for your child takes a little forethought and planning. Mattresses can last, on average, about seven years so the choice you make for your child's first mattress (after they grow out of their crib) could last through most of their early chil…Read More
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Kids Beds with Stairs
If you're in the market for a cool kid's bedroom but don't want a typical ladder to climb; than adding storage stairs is the way to go and Berg Furniture has just what you need. They feature an array of bedroom solutions which transform small spaces into a liva…Read More
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